Review of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Snapshot: After receiving a letter from a long ago friend (Queenie) letting Harold know she has cancer, Harold decides to walk 600+ miles to visit her with the hopes it will give her something to hang on for. Harold meets a lot of different people on his journey and experiences the idea of absence making the heart grow fonder. Both Harold and his wife, Maureen, learn, grow and change from the experience.

Writing Style: This one has me a little stumped. The writing felt a little plain and dry, but that was Harold’s character, so it matched.

Characterization: The characters were so tortured…all of them really, but there was redemption.

Plot: The plot seems so outrageous, but that is what makes the book interesting. The idea that a man would just start walking 600+ miles without any forethought is ridiculous, but it was his self-discoveries along the way (along with Maureen’s) that made the book so poignant.

Interest: The story started off super slow for me, and I continually felt like I was missing something. At the end, I understood that was what the author intended. I was definitely intrigued to see how his journey would end.

Bottom Line: This book was thought provoking and a good lesson about regret. I love how there is healing that takes place because of the journey.

4/5 stars

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