Review of The Invisible Life of Addie Larue

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E Schwab snapshot: Attempting to escape an arranged marriage in France in 1714, young Addie makes a deal with a god of the night that will irrevocably change her life forever. This is a tale spanning centuries. Addie has one main desire…to be remembered.

Writing style: sophisticated and engaging

Characterization: I struggled here. I could not relate to Addie. I felt she should be more in tune with herself after so many years alive. Henry was more palatable.

Plot: Great concept. I didn’t care for how the story played out.

Interest: I wanted to give up about a third of the way on but kept going because my friend really liked it. I switched to the audio version in order to make it through.

Bottom line: I can see why the book would appeal to many people, but it wasn’t for me. 3/5 stars.

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Lover of mysteries, thrillers, and true crime. Recreational hiker. Former teacher. Wife and mom to two teens. Wannabe librarian.

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